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Student Teaching and ECE Work Settings

The PK-3 program’s clinical practice experiences are designed to provide student teachers with a developmental and sequential set of activities that are integrated with the program’s coursework to extend learning through application of theory to practice with PK-3 students in California early learning settings. Candidates with early childhood work experience and supervised practicum/fieldwork coursework may waive up to 400 hours of the clinical hours; see details below. 

Field Placement Requirement
PK-3 Credential candidates will engage in 3 field placements:

1. Early preschool fieldwork (CHAD 261) takes place in the ChAD Department Lab Preschool program or another qualified supervised Preschool setting. Credential students are introduced to and practice the implementation of early childhood curriculum based on the Preschool Learning Foundations and Framework. 
2. Phase I student teaching (EDEL 143A) requires half-time student teaching placements (e.g., two mornings and one full day) in the classroom each week as well as designated meeting times with the mentor teacher (≥ 200 hours). 
3. Phase II student teaching (EDEL 143B) requires full-time student teaching placements (≥ 400 hours). 

One student teaching placement is required to be in a Preschool or Transitional Kindergarten (TK) classroom and the other in a Kindergarten to 3rd grade classroom. For the time being, due to state-level restrictions related to teacher candidate assessment, Phase I and II PK/TK student teaching placements will be in TK classrooms. Once this restriction is lifted, student teaching experiences may take place within a qualifying Early Childhood Education employment setting, California State Preschool classroom, or Head Start classroom as well as within TK-3 public school settings, provided student teachers meet the 600 hours of clinical practice. Placements will be coordinated by the PK-3 Field Placement Coordinator, in conjunction with local school/site partners and supervisors, and with candidate input. 

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Equivalency for Student Teaching
The PK-3 Credential program recognizes and grants clinical practice equivalency for up to 400 of the required clinical hours, based on two types of qualifying experiences:

  1. Option 1: Equivalency with Qualifying Work Experience
  2. Option 2: Equivalency with Coursework in Practicum or Supervised Clinical Practice

As noted in the linked documents, to apply for one or both equivalency options, submit request within 30 days of acceptance to the PK-3 Credential program.