Downtown San Jose (Northbound) Santa Clara Light Rail Station (VTA).
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Our institution provides the sole accredited Master's program in Urban Planning within the Silicon Valley region. In addition, our institution provides a range of captivating academic programs. These include a Bachelor of Arts and a Master's degree in Geography, a Bachelor of Science program in Geographic Information Science (GIS), Master's degrees in Urban Planning, Geography and Public Administration, in tandem with several certificate programs. The field of urban planning and geography benefits from the expertise of prominent scholars hailing from several academic disciplines such as architecture, communication, economics, history, public policy, and sociology. The presence of our downtown site in one of Northern California's greatest metropolises enriches the educational experience and career-focused programs we offer. Our department has established enduring collaborations with industry, government, and community partners. The graduates of our institution have achieved notable professional success in a wide range of esteemed organizations, including prominent Silicon Valley companies, government entities, and non-profit organizations located in the Bay Area and other regions. we look forward to our next encounter in the upcoming semester.

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Masters in Geography

To comprehend a location, geographers analyze its physical, human-made, and social aspects. GIS uses geographical analysis and computers to evaluate huge datasets. Taking advantage of its location, the Silicon Valley Geography Masters program emphasizes urban, cultural, economic, and geospatial techniques.

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Masters in Urban Planning

Urban planners use visionary thinking and practical problem-solving to help stakeholders manage growth and change.Official and informal institutions handle affordable housing, climate variability, financial growth, ecological protection, communal well-being, and transportation. Since 1970, San Jose State University has offered Silicon Valley's only recognized Master of Urban Planning.

Crosswalk design created by students

Advanced Certificate Programs

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers postgraduate certificates in Affordable Housing and Community Development Finance, Applications of Technology in Planning, Community Design and Development, Environmental Planning, GIS, Real Estate Development, and Transportation and Land Use Planning. San Jose State University postgraduates and the public can get professional certifications from the Open University.

Savi Center

Announcing SAVi, the new Center for Spatial Analytics and Visualization at SJSU

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning, SJSU Provost's Office, and Institute for Metropolitan Studies are launching a geographic information systems and urban spatial data science center. Amazing project. The Spatial Analytics and Visualization Center (SAVI) produces significant research and professional services for our campus and the cities, organizations, and companies that shape our region by gathering faculty and students from various University departments.

Students and community members review plans

A Tradition of Community-Based Service and Scholarship

SJSU urban planning and geography students collaborate with locals. They work with Bay Area groups, policymakers, and neighbors. Participatory planning addresses crucial regional future questions. Communities received over $31 million in government funds to implement their plans. Our community partnerships and local planning reports are available at the link above.

Books by URBP faculty members.

Influential Research

Urban Planning and Geography at SJSU are known for their research. The department's esteemed national and international scholars influence policy-making, planning, and academic discourse. For recent publications, awards, and other recognition, click the link above.

View of San Jose, Northern California's largest city.

SJSU is located on the traditional territory of the Muwekma Ohlone people, in the 'Valley of Heart's Delight' on the southern end of the San Francisco Bay.