2024 Spring Syllabi

If the course in not listed, the instructor has yet to provide their syllabus to the Department. For these courses, please contact the instructor directly.

GEOG 1-80 Pereira, G
GEOG 10-80 Pereira, G
GEOG 12-80 Pereira, G
GEOG 107-80 Yang, B [pdf]
GEOG 112-01 Kelley, M [pdf]
GEOG 112-03 Pena, E [pdf]
GEOG 112-82 Kelley, M [pdf]
GEOG 112-83 Pena, E [pdf]
GEOG 112-84 Hasty [pdf]
GEOG 140-80 Pereira, G
GEOG 171-01 Zandiatashbar, A [pdf]
GEOG 171-81 Zandiatashbar, A
GEOG 173-01 Yang, B [pdf]

PADM 215-01 Ramones, E
PADM 295-01 Ovetz, R [pdf]
PADM 298-80 Brent, J [pdf]
PADM 298-81 Brent, J [pdf]

URBP 120-02 Mathur, S [pdf]
URBP 136-01 Cheleden, C [pdf]
URBP 142-80 Brownlow, G
URBP 150-80 Mathur, S [pdf]
URBP 156-01 Rivasplata, C [pdf]
URBP 200-01 Lester, T [pdf]
URBP 204-01 Mathur, S [pdf]
URBP 206-80 Shiver, D [pdf]
URBP 208-01 Snider, K [pdf]
URBP 223-02 Natarajan, A [pdf]
URBP 225-01 Cheleden, C [pdf]
URBP 232-01 Barry, D [pdf]
URBP 234-80 Lester, T
URBP 236-01 Hare, J [pdf]
URBP 240-80 Brownlow, G
URBP 241-01 Rivasplata, C [pdf]
URBP 250-80 Mathur, S [pdf]
URBP 256-01 Kos, R [pdf]
URBP 278-01 Kos, R [pdf]
URBP 279-01 Yang, B [pdf]
URBP 280-83 Mathur, S
URBP 280-84 Kos, R.
URBP 295-01 Natarajan, A [pdf]
URBP 298A-80 Lester, T
URBP 298A-81 Rivasplata, C [pdf]
URBP 298B-80 Lester, T [pdf]
URBP 298B-81 Rivasplata, C [pdf]
URBP 298B-82 Lester, T [pdf]