Graduate Programs

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Training the Professionals and Citizens Who Make Our Cities Great

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning provides a range of graduate and undergraduate programs. These include a Master of Arts in Geography, a Masters of Urban Planning that is accredited, and a Masters in Public Administration. Additionally, the department offers two undergraduate programs: a bachelors of arts in Geography and a Bachelors of Science in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS). Furthermore, the department provides a range of advanced graduate certifications that prioritize certain areas of specialization, including Affordable Housing, Community Development, Environmental Planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Real Estate Development, Transportation, and Urban Design.


Masters in Geography

Explore the stunning natural environment, intricately designed man made environment, and fascinating socio-demographic characteristics of those environment's. Join passionate geographers on an extraordinary journey of knowledge and exploration, Geographic Information Science (GIS) is the ultimate solution that combines location and cutting-edge computing. GIS lets you easily analyze massive amounts of data and make better decisions than ever. Choose GIS to make the right decisions and open up new possibilities! Introducing Silicon Valley's only Geography Masters program! Downtown San Jose offers many opportunities in urban and cultural geography, economic geography, and geospatial methods. Start a unique journey with us today!

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Masters in Urban Planning

Introducing SJSU's innovative urban planning program! We have led city development since 1970. We now proudly offer Silicon Valley's only accredited Master of Urban Planning degree. Come join us and lead urban development with vision. Your journey begins at SJSU. Urban planners—the masters of vision and practicality! They collaborate with stakeholders to solve growth and change's biggest problems with their unmatched expertise. Watch urban planners shape our cities' futures! Urban planners solve problems like affordable housing, climate change, economic development, environmental protection, public health, and transportation. They innovate using their expertise in formal and informal institutions. Work with urban planners today to create a sustainable future.

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Course Information and Student Resources

This section provides helpful information about our course offerings. You can access the current schedule of classes and syllabi from the most recent academic year. Additionally, there is detailed guidance available for current students regarding pathways through the graduate programs. This section provides details on Career Resources as well.

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Advanced Certificate Program

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers advanced graduate certificate programs in Affordable Housing and Community Development Finance, Applications of Technology in Planning, Community Design and Development, Environmental Planning, Geographic Information Science (GIS), Real Estate Development, and Transportation and Land Use Planning. Certificates are available to SJSU graduate students and to members of the public through Open University.