Susan Lambrecht

Postdoc, UCSC
PhD, Oregon State
MS, Michigan
BA, Michigan

Courses taught:
Biol 106/106L: Physiological Ecology
Biol 114: Functional Morphology
Biol 163: Conservation Biology
Bot 165: Plant Communities of California

Research interests:
In my research, I integrate concepts and techniques of plant physiological and evolutionary ecology to address questions of how plants survive and reproduce in response to a changing climate. My approach incorporates detailed field measurements along with greenhouse experiments, using tools such as measures of photosynthetic performance and stable isotope techniques to assess integrative water-use efficiency.


Recent Publications:
Lambrecht SC, Gujral AK, Renshaw L, Rosengreen L (2020) Evolutionary and plastic changes in a native annual plant after a historic drought. Ecology and Evolution doi 0.1002/ece3.6156.


Cheptou P-O and SC Lambrecht (2020) Sidewalk plants as a model for studying plant adaptation to urban fragmentation. Chapter 8 in Urban Evolutionary Biology. Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.1093/oso/9780198836841.003.0008.


Lambrecht SC, A Morrow, R Hussey (2017) Variation in and adaptive plasticity of flower size and drought-coping traits. Plant Ecology 218: 647-660.


Lambrecht SC, S Mahieu, P-O Cheptou (2016) Natural selection on plant physiological traits in an urban environment. Acta Oecologica 77: 67-74.