Minor in Biological Sciences

Description of the Program

Students can apply for a biological sciences minor after they have reviewed the list of approved biology minor courses and requirements listed in the University Catalog. It is highly recommended that students contact the Biology Minor Advisor, Dr. Scott Shaffer prior to submitting an application.

Students must complete two required courses and several electives for a minimum of 18 units. Some of the lower division courses can be approved to be taken at the community college and transferred to SJSU but they must be equivalent courses. Check the articulation page to confirm course equivalency. 

A total of 6 units of electives must be upper division (i.e. 100 level) and these must be completed at SJSU. There are two application 'windows' when you can formally apply for the minor. The deadlines are October 1st for Fall or March 1st for Spring. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Scott Shaffer, the Biology Minor advisor. 

REQUIRED Sequence                  Units

BIOL 20 - Ecological Biology            3

BIOL 21 - Human Biology                 3

List of Approved Electives

BIOL 10 - The Living World               3

BIOL 54 - Human Understanding      3

BIOL 65 - Human Anatomy                4

BIOL 66 - Human Physiology             5

BIOL 101 - Origins of Life                   3

BIOL 110 - Biodiversity & Biopolitics   3

BIOL 140 - Human Sexuality               3

Must have at least 6 UD (100+) units at SJSU

Approved courses in biological sciences must be selected with advance consultation with the Biology department minor advisor.

See Faculty Adviser List for advising.

Course Requirements