BS, Biological Sciences, Concentration in Systems Physiology

Description of the Program

Students in the Systems Physiology concentration prepare for professional health schools (medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, and so forth), for graduate study, or for research positions that require knowledge of physiological systems and especially of physiological data collection and recording. The Systems Physiology concentration provides a specialized, focused program pertaining to bodily systems.

Course Requirements

Minor in Chemistry is required for this degree.

Four Year Roadmap

This is a sample 4-year academic plan for the Systems Physiology concentration. In practice, most students don't follow the roadmap to the letter, but use it as a guide. With the help of their advisors, students are expected to  create their own academic plan. All students are encouraged to take BIOL 124 and BIOL 125 as soon as possible (usually Fall of Junior year) to allow for timely graduation. BIOL 124 pre-requisites include BIOL 30 and BIOL 31, Chemistry through Chem 112B, and PHYS 2A and PHYS 2B. Completion of BIOL 115 is also recommended.

Research Opportunities in Systems Physiology

Students can complete undergraduate research in faculty research labs for credit (BIOL 180) which can be used to count for one upper division elective course. If you are interested in undergraduate research read more on the Research in Biological Sciences page. 

Systems Physiology Honors Program

Students with at least a 3.5 majors GPA (3.0 all SJSU GPA) can complete an honors research thesis to graduate with department honors