Scholarship Description

Every Fall the Department of Biological Sciences Scholarship Committee accepts applications for scholarships. Scholarships from $200-$1000 will be awarded through the SJSU Financial Aid Office. Receipt of a scholarship may reduce other sources of financial aid.

Eligibility Criteria

All undergraduate Biological Sciences majors and graduate students enrolled in the MS or MA programs are eligible for scholarships. Applicants must be a registered student and  currently be taking at least 6 units (undergraduate applicants) or 3 units (graduate applicants). Students must also have completed at least one semester and 6 units of biology classes at SJSU. Students who have already received a Biology Department scholarship are not eligible, but you can have already received a Biology Department Graduate Research Fellowship.

The following scholarships will be awarded (only one application is necessary to apply for all that you qualify for):

Application Process

Online Scholarship Applications for Fall 2023 are available at The deadline is October 30 at 5pm.

Fall Scholarship applications must be submitted electronically using your SJSU login credentials once the scholarship application opens. You will be asked to provide a copy of your unofficial transcripts. You may provide these electronically or by submitting a hard copy to the Biological Sciences Department office in DH254, care of Dr. Singhal.

On the application site, you will be prompted to choose two different references from an SJSU science department. Members of the Scholarship Committee (Drs. Singhal, Payumo, Larabee, and deVries) CANNOT be used as references. The Scholarship Committee will contact your references directly if further information is needed from them.

Direct any questions to Dr. Sonia Singhal,