Technical Electives

Area of Study Elective
Structures CE 163 - Design of Steel Structures*
CE 164 - Timber Design*
CE 165 - Earthquake Resistant Design
Construction CE 132 - Construction Methods and Equipment
CE 134 - Project Management for Construction
Environmental CE 172 - Solid Waste Management Engineering
CE 174 - Design of Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems*
Geotechnical CE 144 - Transport in Porous Media
CE 145 - Foundation Engineering*
Hydraulics and Hydrology CE 152 - Engineering Hydrology
CE 154 - Hydraulic Design*
Transportation CE 122 - Traffic Engineering

CE 123 - Street and Highway Design


CE 104 - Introduction to GIS in Civil Engineering


  • All students must see an advisor every semester in order to be eligible to register for classes
  • Courses with an asterisk (*) are designated design electives.  All students must take at least one design elective.  The second elective may be either design or non-design.