Department Policies and Procedures

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Undergraduate Advising


For Advising Forms and Procedures Visit HERE

Request for Priority Status

This form is to request priority status (not an add code) for CEE courses only. Priority status will only be approved under limited circumstances. The CEE department does not provide add codes until the start of the semester (and codes are never provided by the CEE Front Office). For more information, please see the form and the CEE Policy for Adding Classes after Advanced Registration [pdf].

Fall 2024 Request for Priority Enrollment form <=CLICK HERE

You may request regular enrollment without Priority Status via the Regular Enrollment Request link below. If you have already requested priority status, you will be notified of the outcome by August 21, 2024.


Request for Regular Enrollment in a CE Course

This form is to request regular enrollment in a CE course. This is for all enrollment requests that do not qualify for priority status. 

Fall 2024 Request for Regular Enrollment <=CLICK HERE

*Requests are REQUIRED to be completed by the END OF THE DAY on the FIRST DAY A CLASS MEETS.

Applying for Graduation


In order to apply for graduation, you must compile the Major Form Package based on your catalog year. Typically, the catalog under which you begin your studies (either at a California Community College or San Jose State University) is the catalog that will be followed. Alternatively, you may select the catalog corresponding to the year in which you transferred to SJSU or that is active in the year you apply for graduation. If you are uncertain which catalog to select, discuss your options with your department faculty advisor.

Please note that these packages are due to your major advisor 3 semesters (approximately 15 months) prior to your anticipated graduation date. For a spring semester graduation, packages are due in early February of the previous year. For a fall semester graduation, packages are due in early September of the previous year. Failing to submit your Major Form package on time can result in delayed graduation. It also may affect your ability to earn graduating senior status, which affects your priority in registration for classes.