Academic Advising & Support


Our Child and Adolescent Development (ChAD) faculty and staff offer excellent academic advising and support to current and prospective students.

Academic Advising for Current Undergraduate Students

Schedule an appointment via Spartan Connect to meet with one of our ChAD Undergraduate Advisors, Terry O’Donnell-Johnson or Laura Pirazzi. They can assist you with concerns, questions and completion of forms related to:

  • Declaration of ChAD major (you may also visit the ChAD office)
  • Change of major within ChAD (you may also visit the ChAD office)
  • Evaluation of transfer credit
  • Application for graduation, including the completion of the Graduation form
  • Graduation worksheet
  • Advisement regarding outstanding requirements
  • California Promise Group student advising

If you have a quick question, you can email the advisors at teresa.o' or

Academic Advising for Future Undergraduate Students

Schedule an academic appointment with an academic advisor in our Lurie College of Education Student Success Center. They can assist you with concerns, questions and completion of forms related to:

  • Course registration and General Education (GE) requirements
  • Petitions related to semester withdraw, disqualifications or SJSU Studies under 60 units
  • Academic probation
  • Education plans for student members in EOP and California Promise

General Academic Support for Undergraduate Students

If you have general questions or have a form that requires a signature, please send an email to Email assistance is available for concerns, questions and completion of forms related to:

  • Add/Change of Major/Minor 
  • Minor Form- Graduation
  • Course Substitution Form
  • Graduation Date Change Form 
  • Copy of Major Plan Form
  • SJSU Campus Petitions

Additional Resources

Academic Advising for Graduate Students

Danielle Mead-NytkoProgram Coordinator

Dr. Danielle Mead-Nytko



Prospective and current ChAD graduate students should contact Dr. Danielle Mead-Nytko for graduate advising or more information regarding the ChAD Master's Program. For general questions about our graduate program, please visit our MA, Child and Adolescent Development webpage.