RSCA Advisory Committee (RAC)

Committee Charge:

  • Serve as an advisory group providing input and feedback to the College Associate Dean (AD) for Academics;
  • Determine the current scholarly interests and needs of CPGE faculty, and select and support appropriate seminar and workshop topics to meet those needs;
  • Act as information conduits between their department colleagues and the College AD for Academics on matters related to research and scholarship, providing input when requested and sharing college and university-level information from the AD for Academics with colleagues;
  • Serve as reviewers for the various RSCA awards offered annually by the university;
  • Help organize writing support through writing groups;
  • Support student research in the college as appropriate;
  • Conduct annual CPGE RSCA metric survey and perform analysis.

Committee composition: The committee consists of representatives from each Department/School within CPGE, one of the members will be chosen as the committee chair.

Committee Members: 2023-2024

  • Shih-Yu Chang (Applied Data Science)
  • Jessica Bushey (School of Information)
  • Deborah Hicks (School of Information)
  • Norman Mooradian (Chair, School of Information)
  • Shayan Shams (Applied Data Science)
  • Sandy Hirsh (Associate Dean for Academics, College Representative)