[List of Current Instructors and Coordinators]

STEP 1: Consult your course’s GE ASSESSMENT PLAN below at the beginning of the academic year to determine which SLOs are scheduled to be assessed. You may, in consultation with the instructors, update your plan to include information on how the SLO can be achieved/assessed.

STEP 2: Alert all instructors teaching the course at the beginning of each semester about the SLOs scheduled to be assessed and the data to be collected. Remind the instructors that they will need to complete and submit a GE INSTRUCTOR FORM for their course at the end of the semester.

STEP 3: Collect and file completed INSTRUCTOR FORMS at the end of each semester.

STEP 4: Drawing on the data submitted in the INSTRUCTOR FORMS, complete the GE COORDINATOR’S ANNUAL COURSE ASSESSMENT FORM [pdf] before the fall term begins.

STEP 5: Send your completed forms to the Chair of Curriculum & Assessment by Sept 15. 

GE courses and Individual Assessment Schedule

(Area A2) - Assessment can be found on Canvas

(Area A3) - Assessment can be found on Canvas

(Area C2) [pdf]        

(Area S) [pdf]

(Area V) [pdf]