What To Take After ENGL 1A

After English 1A, there are two options for taking a second composition course.

  • English 2 fulfills GE Area A3 requirements. Business majors are required to take this course. Students whose major does not require ENGL 2 may take any approved A3 Gen Ed course. Here is a complete list of A3 Gen Ed courses.
  • English 1B satisfies GE Area C2: Letters. Some majors require ENGL 1B or the equivalent test score. These majors (with GE A3 waivers) include: Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Geology and Engineering (Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, General, Industrial and Systems, Materials, Mechanical, Software). Please consult with your advisor to confirm your requirements.  

What to take after English 1A FAQs

  • Who participates in this exercise?

    If you have satisfied English 1A already (through AP, CLEP, or IB test scores or with a community college course), you will use the decision chart [pdf] to choose your second writing course.
  • What if I am waiting to find out if I have credit by examination for entry-level college writing?

    If you are waiting for test scores (AP, IB, CLEP), be sure to submit relevant test scores and transcripts.  For inquiries, contact supportedinstruction@sjsu.edu. You can still complete the Reflection on College Writing and register your choice, given what you learn about your capacity to respond to the college reading and writing tasks. Later, if your test scores earn you credit, you can adjust your choice at registration.
  • How are Sparta Camp and this exercise related?

    You need to use the chart to prepare yourself for Sparta Camp. On the second day of orientation, you will register for classes. You need to know which writing course you will be taking.
  • Is there a prerequisite to enrolling in my second writing course?

    English 1A is the prerequisite for any of the second writing course options. You satisfy that prerequisite when you earn credit in English 1A or an equivalent course, or when you earn credit by examination for English 1A.

Questions about your enrollment status, general education requirements for writing, or prerequisites? 

Please call the Humanities and Arts Student Success Center at (408) 924-5095 during regular business hours. (Mon-Thurs, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pacific time)