BA in Preparation for Teaching (Single Subject)

The English Education program at San José State University prepares the largest number of English Single Subject Credential candidates in the South Bay. Additionally, SJSU’s English Subject Matter Program is currently the only State-approved program in the South Bay. The English Education program provides credential candidates with the content and pedagogy to teach English in middle and secondary schools.

Students may enter the English Education program for the Fall or Spring semester. Each year the program prepares approximately 50 candidates to receive credentials in English. 95% of students completing the English Credential Program are hired by area middle and secondary schools. Graduates of the program teach in virtually every high school and middle school in the region.

Below are the core requirements for achieving a B.A. in English Education. To see descriptions of these courses, check the catalog for this concentration. See the 4-Year Roadmap for a sample advising map to complete the degree program in four years. 

Check with your Major Advisor at least once each semester to track your progress. 

Requirements and Forms

For a current list of department forms, please go to Advising Forms

For students matriculating AFTER Fall 2017:

For students matriculating PRIOR to Fall 2017:


For non-major advising (less than 60 units earned):

  • general education advising 
  • course schedule planning
  • resources for academic success
  • pre-graduation general education reviews

Contact the College of Humanities and the Arts (H&A) Student Success Center in Clark Hall 244, or call (408) 924-5095 for an appointment. 

For major advising (60+ units earned): 

  • assistance with major worksheet
  • application for graduation
  • assistance with substitution forms 
  • graduation worksheet and hold letter reviews

Make an advising appointment

Explanations and Limitations

One course equals 3 or 4 units. English majors who complete the Humanities Honors Program will be credited for ENGL 125 (European Literature: Homer to Dante).

Teaching Credential Candidates English majors working toward the single-subject credential in English should take English 103 (Modern English) to meet the Language and Linguistics requirements and English 169 (Ethnicity in American Literature) to meet three units of the upper-division American Literature requirement. Consult a major advisor for additional requirements.

How to Apply to the English Single Subject Credential Program

For more information, call or visit the Director of English Education. To schedule advising appointments: Book Appointment Online 

For additional information on application requirements, forms, etc. see the Secondary Education Web site.

Requirements to enter the English Single Subject Credential Program are:

  • A Bachelor’s degree, preferably in English
  • Subject Matter Competency verified by an English Education advisor
  • A passing score on the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)
  • Successful completion of an on-site writing sample
  • Successful completion of a formal interview (not to be confused with initial advising appointments), held once a semester, to assess subject matter competence (An interview packet must be prepared and submitted in advance)
  • A GPA of 2.75 or better