FERPA Compliance

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects the privacy of student records. SJSU Student Information Disclosure follows the restrictions outlined by FERPA, and requests for contact information are not honored.

The H&A Student Success Center is committed to protecting the privacy of all student records, and follows all federal, state, and university rules and regulations regarding student educational records.

Who Can See My Information?

Your educational records are protected by federal law, and by law, students are able to grant consent for their designated person (parent or legal guardian) to university officials to disclose student record information as prescribed by FERPA.

More information on FERPA can be found from the Office of the Registrar. For how to complete the Authorization to Release, please follow the walkthrough here [pdf].


Keeping Your Data Safe

Student academic records are considered to be information that designates a student's academic performance, and other contextual information. When we request information from you, we follow the California State University's Records/Informaton Retention and Disposition Schedule on Student Records [pdf].

All information retained is kept on an encrypted private data server maintained by SJSU's Information Technology department.


Requesting Student Records Access

To receive an official academic record including official transcripts and verification of enrollments or degrees, students must contact the Office of the Registrar. 


Guests in Advising Sessions

Students may have a guest in advising sessions as long as the individual is related to the student in a way where knowledge of academic performance is necessary or related to the individual in question. This includes parents, guardians, and spouses.

Unauthorized/undisclosed external parties will result in immediate termination of the advising session.


Picking up Documents

Documents cannot be picked up by a friend or relative of the students. Disclosure of information protected by FERPA to unauthorized parties is prohibited by law. Consent may be given by the student whos information is being disclosed through authorization. Please see the guide on how to authorize release here [pdf].