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Application Process

There are majors that are eligible to apply to graduate online. Other majors must apply through the paper application process.

You should look to apply if you have earned 85 units or more and anticipate that you will be done with all your requirements in the next two semesters.


Staying On Track

In MySJSU, check the information listed on MyProgress as well as your Unofficial Transcript to ensure that you have answered the following questions.

Is/Are my major(s) and minor(s) (if applicable) listed correctly?

On your unofficial transcript, you should be able to see when you declared a major or minor in the past. If your current major(s)/minor(s) are not reflected on your transcript, or MyProgress, you should submit the appropriate change of major/minor form to the Registrar.

Have I planned to take any outstanding GE's or other major/minor requirements?

If you know that you fulfilled a specific GE area, but it is not reflected on MyProgress, it is important that you speak with an academic advisor in the H&A SSC. Sometimes, a transferred course may fulfill multiple GE areas, and was used in an area where another course had already statisfied the specific GE area.

You should look to ensure that MyProgress has marked every requirement listed under Core GE, SJSU Studies, American Institutions, and Physical Education as complete.


Hold Letters

You may have thought that you would finish all your requirements, but learned later on about another course you had to finish, or did not submit some paperwork. You will receive a hold letter which will outline what you will have to do to ensure that you finish all your outstanding requirements.