Enrolling and Planning Courses



Core GE

All students must complete their core GE, either by taking a class in each area, or taking courses that can fulfill more than one GE area.

Unless otherwise noted, all courses require a minimum of "D-" or better to be considered as satisfying general education requirements.

Area A (A1, A2, A3): English Language Communication and Critical Thinking

  • All areas require a "C- or better" in each individual GE section

  • A2 must be completed before the conclusion of a student's first year.

Area B (B1, B2, B3, B4): Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning

  • B4 must be completed before the conclusion of a student's first year, and requires a "C- or better"

Area C (C1, C2, Additional C): Arts and Letters

  • Minimum of 9 units

Area D (9 Units of Area D): Social Sciences

  • Minimum of 9 units from a minimum of two different disciplines

Area E: Human Understanding and Development


Writing Skills Test (WST)

The WST is a mandatory writing test that all SJSU students must successfully pass, or if they do not pass, they can take a ENGL 100A or LLD 100A course.

You should make sure to have completed it before you reach 75 units, otherwise you may be restricted from enrolling in courses for the next semester.

How do I prepare for the WST? You should consider browsing the page to see how to prepare. We recommend visitng the Writing Center[BROKEN LINK] and/or Peer Connections[BROKEN LINK] for feedback!

I didn't pass the WST. What do I do? If you did not pass the WST, don't panic! You have the option of retaking the test! If you don't want to retake the test, that's understandable. You can take ENGL 100A or LLD 100A. Passing either one of these courses is considered the same as passing the test.


SJSU Studies

In order to take SJSU Studies courses, you need to have at least passed the WST or ENGL/LLD 100A course (if you failed the WST), and have at least 60 units.

SJSU Studies are upper division general education requirements that all must be fulfilled as a requirement towards graduation. In order to graduate, Areas R, S, and V must be completed with a cumulative GPA (combined GPA) of at least "2.0 or better."

Area R: Earth and Environment

Area S: Self, Society, and Equality in the US

Area V: Culture, Civilization, & Global Understanding

Area Z: 100W

  • Must have passed WST or ENGL/LLD 100A with a "C or better" prior to taking 100W

  • Requires a grade of "C or better" (C- is not accepted)


Leave of Absence

Did last semester not go as planned? Need to go clear your head for a little while? Have other circumstances where you will need to refocus on something for a while?

Students are allowed 1 (one) semester of absence no-questions-asked as long as they were enrolled in the previous semester, and intend to return the semester following the absence. These semesters are Fall and Spring; Winter and Summer do not count. In other words, you can take classes in the Spring, and then take the next Fall semester off, and return the next Spring.

If you need more than one semester off, you'll need to submit a petition. The maximum leave permitted is four semesters.

How do I leave for a semester? - Do not enroll in classes for the next semester. That's it.

Why Take a Leave of Absence?
  • Many H&A Spartans have to work to pay for school. Take a semester off to stay financially stable and have a little more money just-in-case.

  • Life happens. Illness can hit you or someone close to you. Take a semester off to rest and come back hopefully in better health.

  • To reset your head. This semester could have gotten better, but nothing is working to do well in your classes. Take a semester off to do something you've always wanted to. Take a trip. Come back fresh and ready next semester.