Liberal Arts Concentration

In the Liberal Arts concentration of the Humanities BA, students complete the core courses in Humanities while focusing on global histories, philosophies, cultures, literature, arts, and world religions. As of Fall 2021, the Humanities BA has a new required course, HUM 95 Introduction to Digital Humanities, which will provide students with an additional skillset to apply to their studies and to take with them in their future endeavors. Students ultimately complete the major by taking a senior seminar in which they produce a senior thesis project. For transfer students, there's an alternative option for completing the major that is just as dynamic, and primarily based in upper division coursework. 

In order to major in Liberal Arts, simply select the Liberal Arts concentration within the Humanities major. Liberal Arts graduates master knowledge and skills helpful to careers in teaching, tech, international business, curatorial and museum work, law, library science, nonprofit work, education administration, government, sales, business, communications, human resources and public relations. Employers and graduate schools alike value the critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills of a broad liberal arts education like that provided in Liberal Arts. Indeed, whatever careers students may eventually choose, they will find that the Liberal Arts Concentration has enhanced their appreciation of literature, history, philosophy, and the arts and deepened their understanding of the human condition.

Liberal Arts Catalog Description