Comparative Religious Studies Concentration

In the Comparative Religious Studies concentration of the Humanities BA, students complete the core courses in Humanities while focusing on scholarly interpretations of the world's religious traditions. The concentration aims to be as global as possible in covering the great diversity of religions and as inclusive as possible in covering various methodological approaches to the study of religion. The curriculum provide students with the key elements of religious literacy: knowledge of the basic data in the study of religions, respect and tolerance for diverse religious perspectives, and critical thinking skills that can be applied to explanations of religion from insiders as well as outsiders.

As of Fall 2021, the Humanities BA has a new required course, HUM 95 Introduction to Digital Humanities, which will provide students with an additional skillset to apply to their studies of world religions and to take with them in their future endeavors. Students ultimately complete the major by taking a senior seminar in which they produce a senior thesis project. For transfer students, there's an alternative option for completing the major that is just as dynamic, and primarily based in upper division coursework. 

In order to major in Comparative Religious Studies, simply select the Comparative Religious Studies (or Religious Studies) concentration within the Humanities major. Religious Studies graduates master knowledge and skills helpful to careers in teaching, tech, international business, nonprofit work, education administration, government, sales, business, communications, human resources and public relations. The major is also for those who plan to undertake graduate education in theology, history of religions, and other related areas. 

Religious Studies Catalog Description