MSF Curriculum

The Master of Science in Finance program consists of 30 units.

Course sessions will be scheduled in eight week sessions with a hybrid mode of offerings: including but not limited to Zoom sessions, in-person, weekend, or evening class sessions – a convenient format for working professionals.

We offer courses year-round in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students will have the flexibility of pursuing the degree track that best suits their schedule.

MSF Courses

For a detailed view on courses and how to plan your academic roadmap, please check out the MSF sample course schedule

Please note that the parenthesis ( ) contains the number of units equivalent to the respective course.

Core Courses (18 units)

  • BUS 200F - Leadership Communication for Finance Professionals (2)
  • BUS 220 - Financial Accounting (3)
  • BUS 220A - Financial Statement Analysis for Accountants (3)
  • BUS 265F - Silicon Valley Experience for Finance Professionals (1)
  • BUS 270 - Financial Management (3)
  • BUS 270A - Financial Planning and Analysis (3)
  • BUS 270C - Financial Modeling and Data Visualization (3)

Electives (9 units)

Elective courses are offered in the following disciplines including but not limited to:

  • BUS 222 - Profit Planning and Control (3)
  • BUS 270B - Financial Derivatives in Corporate Finance (3)
  • BUS 273 - Business Valuation (3)
  • Other BUS electives - Up to two BUS elective courses in the MBA or MSA programs subject to approval by the MSF Program Director (3 units each course, up to 6 units only) 

Culminating Experience (3 units)

  • BUS 270D - Case Studies in Corporate Finance (capstone) (3)