MST - Open University

You don’t have to be enrolled in an SJSU program to take a class. Open University allows any qualified students to participate, as long as space is available.

Under this system, if you are approved through our pre-screening process, you can then submit your registration form. You then pay your fees and take the class for a grade. Some students find this approach beneficial if they want to get a better sense of the time commitment or want to start taking classes while their application to the program is being evaluated.

This program is perfect if you want to take just one MST course for CPA continuing education requirements, for example; or if you are working on the Advanced Certificate in Taxation; or if you would like to start with an introductory MST class to determine if you want to enroll in the MST program.

If you do decide to apply for the MST, you can apply nine Open University units toward your degree.  Open University grades likely will not count towards your MST GPA,  but the units will count towards the degree. To learn more about the program, please view our informational slides here

Please note: The capstone class, BUS 223H, may not be taken through Open University unless you are enrolled in the Advanced Certificate Program.

If you have been denied admission to any SJSU graduate program, you are not eligible to take graduate courses at SJSU via Open University.

MS Taxation courses cost $710 per unit, or $2,130 per three-unit course.  

To sign up for an MST course through Open University, please follow the steps below.  Students must start the Open University process at least 3 weeks before classes begin.