Advising During the Regular Semester

The department's Graduate Program Advisor is the official advisor for all enrolled MSME students. You should contact him/her for any questions related to the program. The Graduate Advisor can help you with your academic hold, advise on course load, process various required forms, and handle other issues related to your MSME program.

Contact the current Graduate Advisor:

Dr. Raghu Agarwal
Room: E310 D
Phone: (408) 924-3845

Currently, there is no mandatory advising requirement for enrolling in courses unless you are on probation. If you are on probation, you would make an appointment with the Graduate Advisor, fill out the MSME Advisory Form and request to have your hold cleared. You would be unable to register until the academic hold is cleared.

Download the MSME Advisory Form [pdf].

ME 295 A/B and ME 299 Syllabi