Jazz orchestra playing on stage.


The SJSU School of Music and Dance offers conservatory level instruction with all the advantages of a comprehensive urban university, preparing students for successful careers in music education, composition, and performance. Click the links below to discover what program most interests you.

Undergraduate Degrees

Learn more about our undergraduate degree programs.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Graduate Degrees

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Graduate Degree Programs



The School of Music and Dance's Composition and Music Technology programs offer intensive studies in music composition and technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels

Instrumental Performance

The School of Music and Dance offers several degrees for the instrumental performer.

Jazz Studies

The Jazz Program offers a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies. For students interested in pursuing a career in jazz performance or composition, this degree provides opportunities to learn from some of the most outstanding jazz educators and performers in California.

Music Education

A degree in Music Education prepares you for the stimulating career of professional music teaching. 

Music Systems and Theory

The Music Theory Area serves all undergraduate music majors and minors, presenting students with the foundational music skills necessary for all musicians.

Vocal Performance

SJSU's School of Music and Dance Vocal Area is a thriving community of vocalists engaged in the vocal arts. Students study the fundamentals of vocal production (breathing, vowel formation, intonation, resonance, and diction) and repertoire, including art song, opera, musical theater, and oratorio, in various languages, during their four years of study.