Video Audition Instructions

While on-campus auditons are highly preferred, prospective students who are unable to travel to San José, or are unavailable for the audition dates, may submit their materials through links to video and audio files posted online.

Video Audition Submission Instructions

Please submit the link to your audition video via the SJSU School of Music and Dance Video Audition Form.  Read below for instructions on recording your video audition and complete BEFORE you fill out the form.


Recording Instructions

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the Suggested Repertoire for your particular instrument/voice.  If you have alternative pieces you would like to perform for your audition communicate with the correct studio faculty to make sure it is acceptable.
  2. Recordings should be recent and must be unedited, with each selection performed in one take.
  3. Please make sure to state your name, instrument/voice, degree you are applying for and the composer and title of each piece you are performing in the video.
    1. You must submit ONE video with all of the audition material. You may edit the video to include your best takes of each piece you are auditioning on.
  4. Upload your audition video to YouTube
    1. Under Title, include your full name and instrument/voice
    2. Under Audience, Select "No, it's not made for kids"
    3. Under Visibility, select "Unlisted"
  5. Copy and paste the link to your audition video in the form and submit!