Student Associations

Student engagement and leadership are essential functions of SJSU Public Health and Recreation (PHR) department.  Our various student associations plan and organize a variety of opportunities for our PHR students that are designed to promote a sense of shared identity, belonging, and connection within our SJSU PHR community. 

These range from social, professional development, and career-focused opportunities for students to get together and connect, to mentorship, advising, and supporting each other.  Student Welcome Week at the beginning of each semester, Career Explorations Events, and Story-Sharing Panel and Community-Building Sessions are among recent activities that reach out to and engage our students and alumni.  Please call or email the office: 408-924-2971 or stop by the main office (Spartan Complex, SPX 201) to learn about upcoming events or find out how to get involved!

Student Organizations

Public Health Student Association (PHSA)

The PHSA promotes and facilitates professional development, communication, and peer support among Public Health students to serve as a liaison between students and the faculty of the department.


Public Health Unite and Network (PHUN)

The goal of the Public Health Unite and Network (PHUN) is to support the mental health of Public Health students, particularly during the initial transition to campus. This mentorship program will pair incoming students with a student who has been at SJSU for at least one year to support new students in navigating the college and the public health program. This model will ensure that mentees are paired with someone who has experience with both campus life and the department.

Recreation Therapy Association

The Recreation Therapy Association serves as means for students and community members interested in recreational therapy to learn, grow, and socialize in ways that augment formal education, professionalization, collegial interpersonal relationships, and internship/career success.

Public Health Honor Society (PHHS) 

The PHHS at San Jose State University is an honor society that acknowledges and awards declared Public Health undergraduate students in the Public Health and Recreation Department for academic excellence and passion in Public Health. Members are required to maintain a Public Health GPA of 3.5 or above and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. PHHS holds its members to higher academic and community service standards than the rest of its peers in the Public Health and Recreation Department while also participating in philanthropic activities. We strive to stimulate Academics, Community, and Excellence among our members.


Public Health Peer Advisors (PHPA)

The PHPA is an organization available for Public Health undergraduate students as a resource to help peers with course and scheduling planning, graduation application, or other major/minor questions. PHPA also host course planning group and career workshops.


The MPH-SA (MPH Student Association)

The MPH-SA (MPH Student Association) is committed to supporting the Master of Public Health graduate students through professional development, peer support, and faculty communication.


Queer Public Health and Recreation (QPHR)

Peer Health Education

The purpose of PHE is to recruit, train and organize student peer groups to conduct outreach seminars and educational events to increase San José State University (SJSU) student awareness and responsible decision-making regarding Alcohol, Tobacco, other drugs, as well as awareness around violence prevention, and other preventable health topics.

There is something for everybody!