Why Choose SJSU Public Health and Recreation?

A public health student standing in front of the SJSU Tower

This is a very exciting moment to be studying Public Health and Recreation. It's also a great time to be a part of the SJSU Public Health and Recreation (PHR) Department.

Whether you're a high school senior contemplating potential majors, a student already at SJSU, or a college graduate looking for the next step in your professional and leadership development, you have a lot of options!  So why choose SJSU Public Health and Recreation?

Our faculty and staff are committed to an environment that welcomes diversity, draws from life experience, and develops new and practical knowledge and skills.  Our fields are so broad and diverse that you can truly "find yourself" in them – with abundant opportunities from clinical therapy, epidemiology, or health education to policy change, from a career in health services or National Parks to the life of a community builder/organizer, from infants through elders, from asthma to zumba – it's all part of Public Health and Recreation! Our Public Health and Recreation Programs have been renowned for interdisciplinary and applied orientations, and community-oriented curriculums that integrate experiential learning through internships, community-service learning, and student and community-engaged research opportunities.

And what better place to study the community approach to health and wellbeing than in the dynamic, multicultural world-famous Silicon Valley?  The campus itself is welcoming, vibrant, and deeply connected to the local community, as well as our broad, extensive networks at national and global levels. The faculty are excellent instructors and scholars, and are passionate about the fields they love and contribute.  Our staff are eager to help you be successful with our commitment to a student-centered education and learning. Embrace beautiful, gorgeous terrain and Northern California climate – that's our campus!  Or join us through the online option of our MPH program and get the best of both worlds – the virtual campus community wherever you are in the world!

Choosing SJSU Public Health and Recreation (PHR) is making a choice that matters!