Fieldwork: 291 Series

Fieldwork: 291 Series (5 Units total) 


Practicum / Fieldwork (5 Units total)
PH 291 Series (5 units)

PH 291C- Professional Skills for Public Health Practice:  Introduction to the fundamental skills used in everyday Public Health practice. Emphasis on writing and presenting at a graduate level, critical thinking, collaboration and professional behavior.
Additional topics include professional communication, giving and receiving feedback, professional relationships and interactions. (1 unit)

PH 291A- Fieldwork Seminar:  Guidance for fieldwork practicum. Emphasis on preparation including (1) self-analysis of strengths, competencies, and professional development plans; (2) identification of fieldwork site and negotiation of Memorandum of Understanding; and (3) identification of professional development opportunities. (1 unit)

PH 291B- Fieldwork Practicum:  Application of theory and skills to health education practice, research, and/or policy under the supervision of a preceptor. (2 units)

PH 291P- Professional Development:  Strategically selected professional development activities to supplement experiences during fieldwork and advance public health career objectives. (1 unit)


All students are required to complete the Fieldwork Course Series totaling 5 units.

Please listen to the MPH Information Session Recording for more information. 

Current MPH Students will have access to the MPH Fieldwork Manual.