Health Education Core Courses

Health Education Core Courses (13 Units total)

PH 200 Contemporary Practice: Public Health, Health Promotion, and Community Health Education:  Introduction to the philosophy, ethics, historical roots, and approaches of contemporary public health education and health promotion. Emphasis is on frameworks and strategies used in practice. (2 units)

PH 201 Groups and Training: Theory and Practice:  Study of group processes and learning theories as they apply in the training environment. Apply experiential learning concepts and principles in the design, implementation, and evaluation of training programs. (2 units)

PH 271 Theoretical Foundations of Public Health:  Psychological, social, cultural, and ethical factors in health-related behaviors and behavior change. (3 units)

PH 272 Health Promotion Planning and Evaluation:  Theory and practice of developing community health programs. Focus on program planning within the context of strategic planning, problem/needs assessment, setting of program goals and objectives, approaches to program evaluation, and grant writing. (3 units)

PH 263 - Public Health Leadership and Administration:  Preparation for professional leadership integrating health policy, politics and ethics. Application of administrative concepts and skills in health systems agencies. Includes decision-making, communication, funding, budgeting, marketing, personnel management, labor relations, planning, evaluation and health promotion. (3 units)


Practicum / Fieldwork (5 Units total)

PH 291 Series (5 units)

PH 291C- Professional Skills for Public Health Practice:  
Introduction to the fundamental skills used in everyday Public Health practice. Emphasis on writing and presenting at a graduate level, critical thinking, collaboration and professional behavior.
Additional topics include professional communication, giving and receiving feedback, professional relationships and interactions. (1 unit)

PH 291A- Fieldwork Seminar:  Guidance for fieldwork practicum. Emphasis on preparation including (1) self-analysis of strengths, competencies, and professional development plans; (2) identification of fieldwork site and negotiation of Memorandum of Understanding; and (3) identification of professional development opportunities. (1 unit)

PH 291B- Fieldwork Practicum:  Application of theory and skills to health education practice, research, and/or policy under the supervision of a preceptor. (2 units)

PH 291P- Professional Development:  Strategically selected professional development activities to supplement experiences during fieldwork and advance public health career objectives. (1 unit)