Summer 2023 Course Syllabi

Asian American Studies

AAS 33A-01 Asian Americans in U.S. History I Syllabus [pdf] 

AAS 33B-01 Asian Americans in U.S. History II Syllabus


SOCI 1-01 Introduction to Sociology Syllabus  [pdf]

SOCI 100W-01 Writing Workshop Syllabus  [pdf]

SOCI 101-01 Social Theory Syllabus  [pdf]

SOCI 104-01 Quantitative Research Methods Syllabus [pdf]

SOCI 105-01 Qualitative Research Methods Syllabus [pdf]

SOCI 170-01 Sociology of Family Syllabus  [pdf]

SOCI 176-01 Sociology of Everyday Life Syllabus [docx]

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies