Generative AI Resources

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly evolving, and it’s not only about ChatGPT any more–there are many generative AI tools and platforms available, with new ones continuously being developed. It is the perspective of the Writing Center that AI can be a useful tool for students; however, it must be used cautiously, and students must be taught about what it can and cannot do effectively (with the knowledge that it is still plagiarism to “copy and paste” work from AI and represent it as their own). 

Informational Slides

Our informational slides for faculty about generative AI provide general tips about mindset, considerations about the AI tools, what they can and cannot do well, and best practices for developing writing assignments that don't lend themselves to AI. 

Informational PDF

A group of SJSU faculty also created a comprehensive AI resource [pdf] that provides links to many informational pieces on the topic along with sample syllabus statements. (Please note that the events listed are outdated, but the resources remain useful.)   

Request a Meeting or Presentation

Are you and/or your department interested in discussing the topic further? Reach out to the Writing Center Director, Michelle Hager (, and/or the Coordinator of Online Writing Support Services, Seher Vora (, if you’d like to request a meeting or presentation on generative AI.