Dining Accommodations

In collaboration with University Housing and Spartan Eats Dining Services, the Accessible Education Center (AEC) makes every effort to determine and prescribe dining accommodations for students with documented disabilities who meet the eligibility and verification requirements. 

Spartan Eats Dining Services offers a wide selection of food options. Their goal is to support students with special dietary needs and food allergies. Students are encouraged to schedule an individual appointment with the staff dietitian to discuss their needs.

Students who require accommodation beyond the options and support offered by Spartan Eats Dining Services must: 

Register with AEC by completing our online application. Students are required to submit documentation verifying their disability. AEC’s Disability Documentation Guidelines page provides details and Verification Forms for treating professional to complete. 

Once the AEC application and appropriate disability documentation has been provided, the AEC will message the student to the email provided in the application with next steps and a link to schedule the “Intake Appointment.”

During the Intake the student and AEC counselor fully engage in the interactive process which provides both the student and AEC counselor an opportunity to discuss eligibility and reasonable and appropriate accommodation(s), if qualified. 

At the conclusion of the Intake, if dining accommodations were prescribed, the AEC will notify University Housing directly.