Aviation Kicks Off Its 2017 Outreach Program

February 17, 2017

Outreach StudentsThe Department of Aviation and Technology has officially kicked off its outreach activities for 2017 last Thursday, with a visit from the Renaissance Academy – girls in STEM.

Starting Fall 2016 the Aviation Program has engaged local middle schools and high schools for an afternoon of fun activities within the Simulation Laboratory hosted in the AvTech Department. Assistant professor Francesca Favaro and part-time lecturer Craig Hofstetter volunteer on a monthly basis to organize after-school activities to get younger students involved and curious about aviation.

Outreach StudentsActivities include flying and landing at San Francisco International, although on a simulator! Hofstetter, former airline pilot and Air Force officer, brings all his passion and knowledge of flight to the classroom, with guaranteed fun at all ages.

Other activities involve the use of a wind tunnel, where Dr. Favaro teaches students the importance of experimental testing for aerodynamics. Colored yarn can be used to instrument model wings and visualize the air flow around the wing at different angles and attitudes.

Outreach StudentsWith the help of volunteers from the Aviation Program, Hofstetter and Favaro also successfully run a “precision flight paper airplane competition”, where the visiting students have to design and fly paper airplanes to a target.

If you are interested in learning more about the outreach program, see the attached flyer [pdf] or contact the SJSU Aviation Program Office.