BSET, Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing students working a plastic material testing machine.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Manufacturing Systems is designed to prepare students for technical and management careers in business and industry. Manufacturing Systems prepares you for a career in manufacturing design and management. You will gain knowledge, skills, and practical experiences in innovative manufacturing processes and management, computer integrated manufacturing, robotics and control systems, and computer aided manufacturing.

This dynamic and expanding field applied computer and advanced technologies to solving problems in manufacturing systems, computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) to basic and advanced industrial manufacturing design.

Concentration Requirement

Course Requirements:

4-Year Roadmap:

Articulation: SJSU Articulation

Concentration Courses

  • TECH 20A - Computer-Aided-Graphics
  • TECH 25 - Introduction to Materials Science and Technology
  • TECH 31 - Quality Assurance and Control
  • TECH 41 - Machine Shop Operations and Safety
  • TECH 45 - Facilities Design & Planning
  • TECH 46 - Manufacturing Processes I
  • TECH 115 - Automation and Robotics
  • TECH 140 - Product Design and Prototyping
  • TECH 143 - Polymers and Composites Fabrication Technology
  • TECH 147 - Manufacturing Analysis & Management
  • TECH 149 - Smart Manufacturing
  • Technical Electives (1 unit)