1.  How do I submit a sample (for external users)?

    Download the small molecule form here and submit it along with your sample to the following:

    Prof. Brandon White
    San Jose State University
    Department of Biological Sciences
    129 S. 10th Street
    San Jose, CA 95192-0100

  2. I will be running and analyzing my own samples, how do I get an Omni Code to the facility (SJSU only)?

    You must apply for an omni code after you have successfully been trained by the program director. Forms are found here.

  3. How do I train and how much time is needed (internal users only)?

    Prof. White will offer individual or group training for any student or faculty that wants to use instrumentation in the lab. Training can be as little as 10 minutes (Plate reader) to several days (MS and analysis). Prior to most training, Prof. White will ask that you have read the tutorials section located here prior to training starting. Once you are trained, you will be granted access to the facility. 


QTOF LC/MS/MS Questions

  1. How much sample do I need?
     In general, 10-100 µL of 1mg/ml sample is plenty. If it's a solid, 100ug would be sufficient.

  2. What concentration should my sample be?
    Our instrument can detect down to 1 ug/mL level. However, it is good practice to submit around 1 mg/mL. In the event that the concentration is unknown, enter 1mg/mL

  3. What solvent can I use?
    We prefer Acetonitrile or Water (HPLC Grade). Avoid DMSO if at all possible. Contact the director for other solvents.

  4. Can I submit a radioactive sample?
    No, at this time, we do not accept radioactive samples. 

  5. What is provided in the facility?
    The facility will provide basic supplies for sample analysis including: solvents for MS, buffers for AKTA purifier, basic columns for HPLC and AKTA purifier, zip-tips and vials for MS analysis.

    Reagents that will not be supplied include fluorescence labeling of protein samples for 2D-DIGE analysis, IPG strips and gels for 2D-DIGE. 

  6. What columns are available on the HPLC portion of your QTOF?
    Please inquire with the director.