Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) School Counseling Credential

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If you interested in being a credentialed elementary, middle, or high school counselor in California and you already have a master's degree in Counseling or a closely related field (e.g., Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Work), you can apply directly to our PPS K-12 School Counseling Credential program. Our PPS School Counseling Credential (54 semester units) and Child Welfare and Attendance authorization programs are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) - Pupil Personnel Services Credential for Individuals Prepared in California.

If you do not already have a master's degree in Counseling or a closely related field, see the MA + PPS School Counseling Credential Advising Worksheet [pdf] for the combined Master's degree and PPS School Counseling Credential requirements (60 semester units).

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

As a result of completing this program, students will:

1.  Design culturally sustaining prevention and intervention counseling programs within educational environments

2.  Model ethical and inclusive leadership skills that promote equity, social justice, and student success

3.  Apply effective and inclusive assessment practices within their work with school and community stakeholders

4. Create social, cultural, and educational interventions that support students’ academic advancement 

5.  Select and apply relevant research methods to conduct program evaluations, supported by effective technological applications

Completing the Requirements for the PPS School Counseling Credential

Upon Admission

  • Attend a Counselor Education Department New Student Orientation.
  • Register in the program’s foundational courses via the one.SJSU portal.
  • Add courses during the first week of classes if you miss your enrollment appointment.

Complete the Foundational Coursework / Requirements

  • Check out the Department Advising web page or contact the Department Office for your faculty advisor's contact information and schedule an advising appointment if necessary.
  • Complete the seven School Counseling Specialization Foundational Core Course Requirements - EDCO 215, 218, 227, 232, 248, 266, & 282 - before taking Advanced Professional Development courses.
  • Apply for clearance before beginning fieldwork.

Complete the Advanced Coursework/Requirements

  • Complete the eight Advanced Professional Development courses (24 units) plus nine units/600 hours (3 units = 200 hours) of Supervised Experience in Counseling. A minimum of 400 hours have to be completed in public K-12 schools with a minimum of 200 hours at each of two K-12 school levels. These hours are typically completed across three semesters.
  • Complete the Basic Skills Requirement. You will not be able to apply for a clear (or internship) PPS Credential until you complete the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR).

Complete Your Program Exit Review

  • Upon completion of the program requirements, have your advisor sign your PPS Credential Approved Program Contract form.
  • After your advisor approves and signs your PPS Credential Approved Program Contract form, the Department Chair will review and sign your completed Approved Program Contract form as the Program Director.
  • Use the signed copy of the PPS Credential Approved Program Contract form to apply for your clear PPS School Counseling Credential (and CWA Authorization, if applicable).

Apply for Your Clear PPS K-12 School Counseling Credential

  • Order official transcripts that include the conferral of your bachelor's and/or master’s degree if not completed at SJSU.