Valerie Weilert

Headshot of Valerie Weilert

Valerie Weilert is a footwear designer at Brooks Sports, a performance running shoe company based in Seattle Washington. At Brooks, Valerie is responsible for their competition line that focuses on racing product such as track spikes and lightweight flats for cross-country and the roads. Her “build-to-learn” philosophy and biomechanics focus has helped create American Record setting spikes that are leading the pack. While responsible for creating innovative footwear each season, she also works closely with the Creative Director on developing runner insights and design language for the brand.

Prior to Brooks, Valerie worked at Wagic Inc., Easton-Bell Sports, and as a motion graphics designer for Transformers and Iron Man 2, and she has created product graphics and illustrations for cycling accessories and helmets. 

While a student at San José State University, Valerie was a scholarship athlete for the Women’s Cross Country team, studied abroad in Germany and contributed to IDSA SJSU student Chapter. Her passion for sport and design lead her to pursue a focused career in performance footwear.

When not day dreaming about shoe design, Valerie can be found on the local roads running with her club team, working on her new home in Seattle, or swimming in the indoor pool to avoid the rain.