Edwin T. Mosher Award -Musical Theatre

Edwin T. Mosher.Edwin T. Mosher received his B.A. in Drama from San José State in 1952.

Inaguarated in 1990 by Edwin T. Mosher and The Theatre Arts Department the award fund supports promising Theatre Arts students who demonstrate outstanding ability in musical theatre.


Among his many community accomplishments are:

  • Two-time President of the SJSU Alumni Association
  • Alumni President and Trustee of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity
  • Member of the Board of Director’s of the San José Symphony and California Actor’s Theatre
  • San José Mayor’s Steering Committee and Downtown Master Plan committee
  • In 1987, the San José Mercury News named him “One of 100 most powerful men in Silicon Valley

Past Recipients

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2014 Jomar Martinez
2013 Theresa Hoyer
2012 Kristen Majetich
2011 Kristen Majetich
2010 Jennifer Grimaldo
2009 Monique Warren
2008 Vera Sloan
2007 Not Awarded
2006 Not Awarded
2005 Not Awarded
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2002 Charisse Loriaux
2001 Adrienne Muller
2000 Daxfurth Houston
1999 Renee Cunha
1998 Elizabeth Earnheart
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