lab room

Reconfigurable, semi-partitionable main room leading to control room (left) and observation room (right).

A research and testing showcase laboratory for Industrial & Systems Engineering, the Human Factors Engineering Laboratory features two observation rooms separated by a shared control room, a large flexible workspace, and secure storage. This page provides a brief description of the facility.

Observation/Control Rooms

  • Two observation rooms with one-way mirrors from a shared, central control room 
  • Remote video & audio recording via ceiling and tripod mounted pan/zoom/tilt video cameras

Other Research Capabilities

lab room

Observation rooms are equipped with remote video & audio recording capabilities via ceiling and tripod mounted pan/zoom/tilt video cameras.

  • Eye tracking (fixed base and portable)
  • EMG and other physiological response measurement
  • Ergonomic equipment testing & demos (sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs & equipment)
  • AV presentation facilities in every room
  • Secure storage


  • Student, staff, faculty, and industry research space

    Observation room

  • Usability testing (observation, video, audio recording)
  • Mobile device usability & observation (eye tracking, etc.)
  • Simulated non-office environment (e.g. home, hospital room, etc.)
  • Small user studies (no observation required)
  • Physical ergonomics/biomechanics measurements
  • Data entry, review, and analysis
  • Brainstorming & collaborative projects
  • Client meetings (local and video conference)
  • Research demos (industry, K-12, SJSU students, community)
  • Secured equipment & paper data storage
  • Student research space
  • Visiting scholar research space

Key Features

driving simulator

Research capabilities include a driving simulator.

  • Highly reconfigurable, semi-partitionable main room, with white boards
  • Interactive presentation capabilities (presentation monitors with interactive tablets)
  • Live demo capabilities
  • Sponsor & demo capabilities