Most of the key information concerning Thesis requirements, graduation requirements, and all related paperwork can be found on the Graduate Studies Office website.

A particularly useful page of their web site is the Completing Your Masters page. It contains information on the process of completing your Masters degree and links to many of the key forms.

You can also go directly to the Graduate Studies Forms page.

The primary HFE contact in the Graduate Studies office is Katrice Hernandez

Graduation Application Process

Important: Keep track of deadline dates and submit all forms before the deadline for that form.

  1. All students must complete and submit the Candidacy Approval Form (also known as the Departmental Request for Candidacy and Graduate Degree Program) by the posted deadline for the semester you plan to graduate (see deadline dates).
    See Candidacy Approval Form for details on submitting this form to the Program Advisor, Dr. Anil Kumar. Note: This form must be typed. You only file this form once. Dr. Kumar will review the form and submit it to the Graduate Admissions department.
    Note: If you submit this form and then decide to take different classes you need to file a course substitution form.
  2. All students must complete and submit the Application for Award of the Master's Degree form by the posted deadline (see deadline dates). 

Changing graduation date

If you change the date you plan to graduate and have submitted an Application for Award of Master's Degree form, you must submit a Reactivation form and pay $10.00.


Important Forms

All forms available at the Graduate Studies Office forms page in .pdf format. 

  • Change of Classification Form
    If conditionally classified upon admission
  • Candidacy Form
    After completion of writing requirement
  • Application for Award of Masters Degree
    After approval of Candidacy Form
  • Request for Course Substitution Form
  • Thesis Guide
  • Verification of Culminating Experience Form 
    (Department Responsibility)