About Us

The members of the Virtual Environments, Cognition, and Training Research (VECTR) Lab at SJSU work to improve individual and team performance in complex work settings. We are an applied experimental and human factors psychology laboratory focused on understanding and improving the fit between people and high-technology environments.

Research Areas

We are investigating human-technology interaction in several domains:

Cognitive Factors in Cybersecurity

We are taking an interdisciplinary approach to improving the security of computer networks. Our investigations focus on understanding the knowledge needed by cyber security professionals and how training and automation design can affect security. We also study how end-users' knowledge and trust affect security outcomes.

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Situation Awareness in Human-Robot Interaction

We are investigating how emerging robot systems support situation awareness when working collaboratively with people, especially in complex and mission-critical environments.

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Video Game Experience and Human Performance

Evidence suggests that short and long-term video game play improves performance on a variety of tasks. Our aim is to understand the qualities of video games that lead to the biggest improvements in military and occupational task performance and leverage those qualities for simulation-based training and task design.

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