Graduation Requirements

In order to ensure academic success, it is imperative that students pursuing an M.S. degree in Human Factors/Ergonomics have a solid understanding of what their graduation requirements are and how they can fulfill them.

Take a look at the following core and elective courses below. You can also go to the SJSU catalog for detailed course listings.

Core Courses

  • Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • ISE 210 Human Factors / Ergonomics (3 units)
  • ISE 211 Experiment Design for Human Factors Engr (3 units)
  • ISE 290 Human Factors & Ergonomics Professional Seminar (2 units)*
  • Psychology
  • Psyc 273 Seminar in Human Factors (3 units)
  • Kinesiology
  • KIN 266 Motor Learning (3 units)
  • Human Factors Experiments and Writing Requirement
  • ISE 212 - Human Factors Experiments (3 units)
  • Electives (9 units)
  • Thesis preparation & Thesis (4 units)

Total: 30 units

For more information about the thesis or final project, please visit our dedicated page on the subject.

Have a question or concern regarding course requirements? Please visit our FAQ page.


*Seminar Unit Registration Graduate Program in Human Factors & Ergonomics Policy Statement

Each Human Factors/Ergonomics student is required to complete the 2cr ISE 290 Human Factors/Ergonomics professional seminar. The seminar is typically completed during the student's first year in the program.

Elective Courses

Electives may be selected from a wide range of graduate courses offered on the SJSU campus in Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Kinesiology, and other departments. Please remember your Program Director must sign off on anything before you will be credited in your degree.