OT DEI Action Committee

Who Are We?

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The SJSU OT DEI Action Committee

  • Includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni in the Department of OT at SJSU
  • Welcomes students from all tracks, years, and programs (MSOT & OTD)
  • Invites members who represent diverse cultural, racial/ethnic, educational, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, and vocational backgrounds
  • Seeks the voices of OTs and future OTs committed to occupational & social justice

Mission Statement

The mission of the OT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Committee is to create a departmental teaching, learning, and working environment that is safe, supportive, and healing for people from all backgrounds and experiences. We seek to acknowledge the legacies of colonialism and Eurocentrism in our profession and to integrate the principles of occupational and social justice into the OT program at SJSU. We are committed to:

  • Creation of safe avenues for full, authentic participation and success of students, faculty, staff, and clients from all backgrounds, in particular marginalized communities, through inclusive and representative curriculum and instructional efforts
  • Development of critical reflection and transformation of any biases we hold through continued education and decolonisation of OT curriculum
  • Promotion of a program that reflects the diversity of the populations that we serve through the recruitment of student, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds
  • Articulation and challenge of narratives and actions that run counter to diversity, equity, and inclusion at the department, college, and university levels

Our Growth

SJSU Sammy with studentThe DEI action committee was formed in Spring 2022 and a mission statement and vision were developed. The committee also constructed a 5-year strategic plan with a focus on 4 topics: Curriculum, Instruction, Recruitment, and Safety. The DEI action committee has grown to support students and faculty and foster a closer community by hosting *Safe Space Meetings, focusing on topics like Imposter Syndrome, Life Transitions and Change, and Community Healing Amidst Gun Violence. This committee is continuing to grow and is dedicated to creating and sustaining an environment that is safe, supportive, and healing for everyone.

*"Safe space" is defined as a more informal environment outside of the classroom setting for students and faculty to discuss important topics and ideas, free of judgement, bias, conflict, or criticism.

Why Should You Join?

sjsu students conversing in front of Cesar Chavez plazaYour voice matters! This committee is designed to focus on the DEI needs of the OT Department, so feedback and participation is essential to the committee’s ability to help address the unique needs of our students and faculty at SJSU.

  • Help expand the inclusivity, diversity, and vision of the SJSU OT department
  • Create a legacy of occupational and social justice for future OT students and faculty
  • Learn from others who have a wide variety of experiences to share
  • Help to create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment that benefits everyone

Interested in joining?

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For more information from the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) about the importance of promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, access & belonging in OT, please visit their website.