S.O.T.A. Board Information

The board is made up of 17 positions. Some of the positions have the flexibility to be co-chaired and that is solely up to the current board members discretion. The title and descriptions of the positions are as follows:


Directs and heads board meetings. Meets regularly with the S.O.T.A. boards faculty representative.

Vice - Chairperson

Second to the chairperson. Leads board meeting if chairperson is not there. Chairs fundraising committee and organizes activities like the car wash and sweatshirts sales.


Has direct access to the S.O.T.A. account. In charge of deposits and withdrawals. Receives membership dues and responsible for issuing membership cards. Monitors cash flow within the S.O.T.A. account. Reports to board on financial status.

Recording Secretary

Records the board meetings and posts the minutes weekly on the S.O.T.A. bulletin board.

Program Chairperson

Plans and implements activities aimed to please the special and social interests of the OT students.

Project Chairperson

Organizes and leads important volunteer and community service projects of SOTA.

Publicity Chairperson

Publicizes information about upcoming S.O.T.A. events, responsible for decorating the OT display cases in the Central Classroom Building, and for publishing our monthly, in-house Therapeutic Thought newsletter.

Faculty Representative

An important link between the faculty and the students. Attends the faculty meetings and relays important and relevant information concerning the students to the board. Also takes concerns or issues to the faculty meetings from the S.O.T.A. board and the general student population. Means to be, if needed, a carrier for private issues from individual students.

OTAC Representative

Maintains close correspondence with OTAC and the Santa Clara Chapter here in San Jose. Attends Chapter OTAC meetings and reports to the board regarding topics. Advertises monthly OTAC meetings and current events that students are encouraged to attend.

AOTA Representative

Serves as a liaison between the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and SOTA. Educates the student population about current operations and focus of the national organization.

Pre-OT Representative

Attends board meetings and reports information back to the students not yet taking the major courses. This position is usually co-chaired because of the large number of Pre-OT students on campus.

Pattern/Track Representatives

Attends the board meetings and reports back to the track and also brings concerns or questions to the board from the track. A very important link between the board and the students.

Webmaster and Social Networking Chairperson

Maintains the SOTA website and social networking media. Ensures all information on the website and social networking media is up to date and accurate.

Workshop Chairperson

Organizes and implements educational projects and workshops pertinent to the OT profession. (eg, BLS workshop, Clients' who identify as LGBTQIA+, etc.)

Elections for the positions are held in April. All positions are a year long, except for the track representative positions, which are one semester, and therefore not available to those students in the third or fourth tracks. All persons running for a board position must be a S.O.T.A. member. Pre-OT students can hold only the Pre-OT rep position.