Student Occupational Therapy Association

symbol of student occupational therapy association

What is S.O.T.A.?

The Student Occupational Therapy Association (S.O.T.A.) is a non-profit, pre-professional, student-run association which aims to benefit the students in the OccupationalTherapy department.

What is the purpose of S.O.T.A.?

S.O.T.A. provides students in the Occupational Therapy major exposure to a pre-professional program. It provides educational opportunities to our fellow students through workshops and seminars. It grants occasions for students to form strong friendships and get information through networking with other students and faculty. It gives students the means to have group socials, engage in fun activities, and help balance the work/education, play/leisure and rest components of their lives.

Why should students become members of S.O.T.A.?

For each member, S.O.T.A. returns $25.00 to that member's sequence for their convocation. The more members a sequence has, the more money it gets for convocation. S.O.T.A. provides both fun and educational programs and projects like holiday socials, splint workshops and fund-raisers. Members receive discounts on fundraising merchandise sold through S.O.T.A., like the coffee mugs, sweatshirts and license plate frames. The events provide the opportunity for students to network, as well as form friendships and support systems with other students and faculty.

group of SOTA students in classroom

How does one become a member?

Membership applications are available from the sequence representatives, or from a box on the wall next to the S.O.T.A. bulletin board. Fill out an application and include a check for $25.00 (one time fee) payable to S.O.T.A. and return to the S.O.T.A. mailbox located across from the OT office or to your sequence representative.

What does the S.O.T.A. Board look like?

The board is made up of 17 positions. Some of the positions have the flexibility to be co-chaired and that is solely up to the current board members discretion. Head to the S.O.T.A. Board Information page for a detailed description of the titles and positions.