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2022 OT Students graduates
MSOT graduating class of 2023

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Occupational Therapy students bring energy and excellence to the program. The wealth of experience and diversity of backgrounds the Occupational Therapy students bring to the program creates a dynamic and enriching academic community. The Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) further enriches the program by providing educational, professional and social opportunities for Occupational Therapy students and the chance to develop leadership skills. Not surprisingly, SJSU graduates have earned a reputation as highly accomplished clinicians and leaders in Occupational Therapy.

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Master of Science in Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy Doctorate Degree Programs

The Department of Occupational Therapy currently now has two areas of study, the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy and the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Degree Programs, which allow the students to expand their education and enhance their skills as an occupational therapist. (OTD Program launched in Spring 2023!) NOTE: The Online Post-Professional Master's Degree program is no longer offered by the department of Occupational Therapy here at San Jose State University. Please visit the AOTA website to view other post-professional programs.

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Student Achievements

photos of OT students who received scholarships

California Foundation for Occupational Therapy (CFOT) scholarship recipients

We were VERY well represented at the California Foundation for Occupational Therapy (CFOT) event at the recently held 2023 OTAC Conference!
Congratulations to all our wonderful OT students who received scholarships:

  • Evelyn Jaffe Scholarship Awardee: Skyler Trezona
  • Lisa Test Scholarhsip Awardee: Kiana Shibata
  • Wilma West Scholarship Awardee: Ciara Stewart

In addition, the CFOT "Seed" Grant Awards given to practicing occupational therapists, academicians, entry-level occupational therapy students (individually or in groups) conducting pilot studies, needs assessments, developing new intervention or client education programs or projects, have been awarded to:

  • Julie Powell OTS, Ariana Jimenez, OTS, Brooke Henry, OTS, Kiana Shibata, OTS, Grace Jenn, OTS
    Study: “Effectiveness of an Occupational Therapy Response to Intervention Model on Student Self-Regulation in a General Education Setting: A Longitudinal Analysis”
    FACULTY ADVISOR:  Courtney Boitano OTD, OTR/L, BCBA-D

  • Emily Flynn OTS, OTS Jacqueline Schieffer, OTS, Wilson Guo, OTS, Orissa Smith-Goshen, OTS
    Study: “An Examination of the Homework Habits, Perspectives, and Dispositions of First Year Occupational Therapy Students“
    FACULTY ADVISOR:  Melisa Kaye, EdD, OTR/L
photo of Kiana Shibata in front of SJSU brick wall

American Occupational Therapy Foundation scholarship recipient

Congratulations to one of our 2nd year MSOT students, Kiana Shibata!  She has been selected to receive the American Occupational Therapy Foundation’s Kappa Delta Phi Scholarship in the amount of $1,500!

Grateful Occupational Therapy Students/2023 Scholarship Recipients

Mary Booth Scholarship:
Micheal Benson
April Cano
Cecily Colgate
Julia Dariychuk
Chloe Deleissegues
Sergio Dominguez
Sydney Hanzalik
Ariana Jimenez
Mary Modisette
Scott Nelson
Ngoc Nguyen
Sammi Parisi
Dayana Rangel
Sarah Staten

Bonita Kraft Scholarship:
Emily Randall

Wynn Schultz-Krohn Scholarship
Lili McNenny
Emily Boykin
Nicole Orr
Thao Pham
Kiana Shibata
Ciara Stewart

List of Past Endowed Scholarships

St. Catherine challenge _winners

St. Catherine Challenge Year

"Our Pi Theta Epsilon chapter has done it again and we are in the Silver category for fund raising to support OT Research!!!
Our students have a deep commitment to the profession and to advancing the profession by supporting research efforts!!!
CONGRATS PTE!!!!" - Dr. Winifred Schutlz-Krohn, Faculty Advisor for Pi Theta Epsilon, Occupational Therapy Honor Society

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OT Students Campus News

Occupational Therapy Students Out and About in the Community - article by Dr. Luis Arabit, Asst. Professor (OT Dept.)

Moments of Mindfulness brought by CHHS Student Advisory Committee - article by Liliana Gomez, CHHS Dept. Coordinator

Excellent job on an Advocacy project!

Please watch this 5-minute video called "Occupational Therapy and Mental Health during COVID-19" created by our 2021 graduate students.

Kudos and Great Job!

Check out this 5-minute video called "REDEFINING OCCUPATION" created by our 2019 first year students for the Campus Movie Fest (CMF). On October 1, 2019, the film was one of the 16 selected to be screened out of the 41 films submitted.

Student Resources

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CFOT (California Foundation for OT) Scholarships

California Foundation for Occupational Therapy is offering 15+ SCHOLARSHIPS [pdf] ($2,000 each)

  • Students who are pursuing Entry-Level Degrees (students enrolled in entry-level graduate degree OT program leading to a Master’s degree in OT or Doctor of OT degree) and Post-Professional Graduate Degrees (Occupational Therapists seeking graduate education beyond entry level degree with goals of furthering service, education and research in OT) are eligible for a scholarship after they have completed at least one semester of their program.

This year CFOT also has specialty scholarships in Pediatrics.
Please apply here
DEADLINE:  Postmarked or emailed by March 31, 2024

Please feel free to call or write for further assistance:

Laura Weiss, MS, OTR/L

Winifred Schultz-Krohn, PhD, OTR/L, BCP, FAOTA

OT Dept. Scholarships

OT Scholarship application opens: March 11, 2024
DEADLINE: April 8, 2024
(Deadline for all other SJSU scholarships: May 1, 2024 until 11:59pm.)
CHHS Student Guide [pdf] to applying for scholarships.

Please apply at the Financial Aid and Scholarship website for all the OT scholarships mentioned below.

Student Associations

Pi Theta Epsilon - National Occupational Therapy Honor Society

Student Occupational Therapy Association


Advising Form [pdf] To be completed by students each semester following advising with assigned Advisor.  Copy must be submitted to the OT Dept. admin assistant, Sara Villarreal, for filing.

Student Manual Acknowledgement Form [pdf] (New Students: download the fillable form, complete it and then submit it on the Canvas site per your Advisor.)

General Petition to the Faculty Form [pdf]