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Senate Meeting
September 11, 2023/2:00-5 p.m., IN PERSON, Engr. 285/287

        Chair - Dr. Karthika Sasikumar

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Previous Meetings:


Senate Meeting

May 8, 2023, 2-4 p.m., IN PERSON, Engr. 285/287

Chair - Dr. Alison McKee

Senate Agenda

Senate Minutes

•  Senate Minutes of April 17, 2023 [pdf] 

•  Senate Minutes of October 24, 2022  [pdf]

Executive Committee Minutes

•  Executive Committee Minutes of April 3, 2023 [pdf]

•  Executive Committee Minutes of April 10, 2023 [pdf]

•  Executive Committee Minutes of April 24, 2023 [pdf]


AS 1849, Policy Recommendation, Declaring our Support for Academic Freedom and Establishing the Academic Freedom Committee (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1852, Policy Recommendation, Guidelines For Experimental Courses: 96/196/296/596 (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1853, Amendment E to University Policy S16-16, Academic Notice, Administrative Academic Probation, Disqualification (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1854, Amendment A to University Policy F17-4, Priority Registration (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1855, Amendment D to University Policy F17-1 and Amendment A to University Policy F18-3, Institutional Review Board (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1857, Senate Management Resolution, Establishing a Special Committee on Senate Representation (First Reading) [pdf]


                      Senate Meeting

      May 1, 2023, 4-5 p.m., IN PERSON,

                    Engr. 285/287
             Chair - Dr. Karthika Sasikumar

Senate Agenda  

• Senate Agenda for May 8, 2023 First Meeting of 2023-2024 [pdf]

Consent Calendar

Consent Calendar of May 8, 2023 [pdf]

Nominating Statements for Senate Elections

Vice Chair of the Academic Senate

Tabitha Hart Statement [pdf]

Associate Vice President of the Academic Senate

Reiko Kataoka Statement [pdf]

CSU Statewide Representative to the Executive Committee

Julia Curry Statement [pdf]

Chair of the Professional Standards Committee

Rachael French Statement [pdf]

Chair of the Curriculum and Research Committee

Hiu Yung Wong Statement [pdf]

Chair of the Instruction and Student Affairs Committee

Laura Sullivan Green Statement [pdf]

Chair of the Organization an Government Committee

Joshua Baur Statement [pdf]