Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities

Policy No Subject Supersedes/
S22-1 [pdf] Establishment, Reporting, Continuation and Termination of Campus Centers and Institutes (CCI), Formerly Known as Organized Research and Training Units

Rescinds S05-13 [pdf]

S18-5 [pdf] Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity:  Advisor-Student Relationship, Sponsored Projects, and Proprietary and Confidential Information in RSCA

Amendment A to S18-5 [pdf],

Rescinds S94-8 [pdf]

F17-1 [pdf] Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects

Amendment C to F17-1 [pdf]

Amendment B to F17-1 [pdf]

Amendment A to F17-1 [pdf]

Rescinds F08-1 [pdf] and S08-7 [pdf]

S14-6 [pdf] Policy and Assurance for Humane Care and Use of Animals at SJSU

Amendment A to S14-6 [pdf]

(Supersedes S21-1) [pdf], Rescinds F06-4 [pdf]

Amendment B to S14-6 [pdf]

F12-5 [pdf] Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct

Amendment A to F12-5 [pdf], Superseded S21-1 [pdf], Replaces S99-10 [pdf]

S99-11 [pdf] Conflict of Interests Policy for Principal Investigators    
S99-9 [pdf] Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility    
S99-8 [pdf] Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility    
F98-3 [pdf] Intellectual/Creative Property    
S96-11 [pdf] Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials; Intellectual Property    
F81-7 [pdf] Appointment Procedures for Grant-Related Instructional Faculty of Exceptional Merit (GRIF) Amendment A [pdf]