High School Students


Within Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR), the Spartan East Side Promise Program is designed to support East Side Union High School District students and their families.

Established in 2016, the Spartan East Side Promise (SESP) began as a collaboration between San José State University and East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) with the goal of offering guaranteed admission to qualified students who graduate high school from the District. Through a variety of interactive programming, the SESP provides a pathway to admission at SJSU by clearly specifying the admission requirements and sharing information about resources for academic success with students and families in the district. 

The following high schools are SESP eligible: 

Andrew P. Hill High School

W.C. Overfelt High School

Evergreen Valley High School

Yerba Buena High School

Independence High School

Calero High School

James Lick High School

Foothill High School

Mt. Pleasant High School

Accel Middle College

Oak Grove High School

Apollo High School

Piedmont Hills High School

Pegasus High School

Santa Teresa High School

Phoenix High School

Silver Creek High School


Upcoming Workshops and Presentations

Interested in applying? Just admitted? Check out the following admissions and next steps virtual presentations!

Services and Resources

In partnership with the East Side Union Education Foundation and the East Side Union High School District, the following online transition program was developed to support incoming ESUHSD graduates and their families, as they prepare for their first semester at SJSU.  This 10-day program will be held June 14 - 25th from 1:00 - 3:00pm, and includes multiple components to educate, empower, and provide a community of support for our new Spartans. Register for the 2021 ESUHSD Spartan Summer Program here!

Check out a recap of last year's program, and upcoming services offered by the SESP Program, below!


Have questions? 

Prospective Students (or parents) from an ESUHSD school: Contact the Spartan East Side Promise Program Lead, Amanda Aldama at amanda.aldama@sjsu.edu, or schedule a Zoom appointment here