Student Teaching

What is the difference between student-teaching and directed teaching?

Individuals in student-teaching are placed in the class of a Mentor Teacher that works with students with the disability for which the individual seeks credentialing.

Directed teaching is for individuals who have been hired with emergency permits or intern credentials. You are observed as you conduct the activities of a full time special educator.

Can I complete my student teaching in a non-public school(NPS)?

You may student teach in a non-public school if the school is accredited and the students served are of the disability group for which you are seeking to be credentialed and there is a qualified mentor teacher.

Can I complete my student teaching at any school?

Only at an accredited public school within our service area that serves the population for which you seek a credential.

Do I need to teach in a general education classroom?

Yes, you have to show evidence of planning and teaching 50 hours in a general education classroom. Complete our 50 Hours of General Education Field Work [pdf] and turn in to our Special Education office. 

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